Department of Materials News 2015

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Innovate Bike

15th May 2015

Racing Ahead with Research and Design

Dr Alison Crossley and Dr Colin Johnston have been collaborating with Faradion and Williams Advanced Engineering on the Innovate UK project on low cost future battery technologies.

The Oxford Materials department is very pleased to be a collaborator on the Innovate UK project on low cost future battery technologies.  We congratulate Faradion on their demonstration of a new sodium ion battery technology, and look forward to working with them on many ambitious future energy storage projects to reinforce the position of the UK at the forefront of this important field.


21st April 2015

Advanced Materials for Solar Energy Conversion (AMSEC)

Prof. F. Giustino and research fellows Dr F. Caruso and Dr G. Volonakis of the Materials department's "Materials Modeling and Design group" have been successfully awarded an ARCHER Leadership Project gaining direct access to the UK's national supercomputing facility ARCHER. The Advanced Materials for Solar Energy Conversion (AMSEC) project will use more than 16 million CPU-hours, corresponding to approximately £141.000, to unveil atomic-scale mechanisms that underpin light harvesting in perovskite-based photovoltaic devices and, for the first time, it will explore interface phenomena between absorber and charge collector. In particular, within AMSEC, state-of-the-art ab-initio numerical simulations i.e., simulation methods based on the fundamental equations of quantum mechanics, will be employed to describe key parameters such as the structural stability, the electronic and optical properties of solar-energy conversion in hybrid perovskites. The overarching goals in AMSEC are to accelerate the development of record-breaking perovskite-based photovoltaic devices.

Cyrille van Effenterre

12th March 2015

Visit by Counsellor of the French Embassy

Cyrille van Effenterre, the Counsellor of the French Embassy, Science and Technology, accompanied by Anne Simonin, the Head of "Maison Française d’Oxford", visited the Department on  Friday, 6 March. He attended the weekly meeting of the “Materials for Fusion and Fission Power” group, and gave  a presentation about the activities of the Embassy in the science and technology area.