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Lapo Bogani

11th July 2015

Oliver Kahn Laureate 2015 Lapo Bogani

Many congratulations to Dr Lapo Bogani, who has been selected for the Olivier Kahn Laureate Award, having impressed the judges with his multi-doctrinal research. It is a prestigious award which is widely respected in the scientific community. The award will be presented to Lapo during the ECMM2015 meeting in Zaragoza in September.

GreenImpact Awards 2015

21st June 2015

GreenImpact Gold and Silver

The University’ Green Impact awards ceremony was held on Wednesday 17 June, and Materials achieved two awards; Silver for the Department and Gold for the Labs! We were one of two Departments within the entire scheme to be presented with two awards, so this is a huge achievement!

Carlos Rios Ocampo

29th May 2015

Carlos Rios Ocampo award at INC11

Congratulations to Carlos Rios Ocampo in Professor Harish Bhaskaran’s Advanced Nanoscale Engineering research group, for winning the Best Poster Award at the INC11 Conference in Fukuoka, Japan with his poster on "Growth and Nucleation Dominated Phase-Change Materials for Nano-Optoelectronics and Display Technology".

The International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation is big conference pulling together industry, academic and government partners, especially from Europe Japand and USA, and Carlos was competing for the European award against a large number of high calibre applicants.  

David Armstrong

27th April 2015

David Armstrong awarded IoM3 Grunfield Memorial Award and Medal

Congratulations to Dr David Armstrong, who has won the IoM3’s prestigious Grunfeld Memorial award and medal.
The award is made biennially in recognition of a professional contribution that has had a significant influence on the engineering application of components made from any alloys in the metallurgical industries.

Peiman Hosseini

4th April 2015

Peiman Hosseini selected for RAEng entrepreneur training

Dr Peiman Hosseini in the Nanoscale Engineering group was one of four people selected for intensive entrepreneur training by the RAEng (RAEng ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs' Award) and awarded £2000.

"Wearable technologies are making a big impact in society – beginning to blur the boundary between human and machine. This market is set to be worth $12.6 billion by 2018. The next generation of lightweight, high performance machines will rely on technologies that are capable of bringing the user as close to a device as possible. Dr Hosseini has created the first reported nano-display device that uses both optical and electronic property modulation in Phase Change Materials. An entirely new class of ultra-thin, ultra-high resolution displays with nanosecond access speed and no power consumption in static mode is now under development by his team. This revolutionary display will initially target the rapidly growing microdisplay market compact, projection-based displays used in emerging near-eye applications like Google Glass. The first prototypes are currently under development, with a small working device set to be ready within the next 12 months."

TATA Steel Prize 2014

10th February 2015

Armourers and Brasiers' Company / TATA Steel Prize awarded to Stephen Turrell

On the 5th February 2015 the Armourers and Brasiers' Company / TATA Steel Prize for best overall performance in Prelims practicals was awarded to Stephen Turrell of St Catherine's College by Chris McDonald (CEO, Materials Processing Institute) on behalf of TATA Steel.

Peter Bruce

30th January 2015

Peter Bruce awarded International Medal

Professor Peter G Bruce FRS, Wolfson Professor of Materials, has been selected to receive the International Medal for Materials Science and Technology by the Materials Research Society of India. The immediate past recipient was Sir Richard Friend FRS. Professor Bruce is travelling to Jaipur in February in order to receive the award and deliver the Award Lecture.

IDTechEx awards

19th November 2014

Bhaskaran and Hosseini win IDTechEx award

IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2014 Award for Academic R&D was awarded to Prof Harish Bhaskaran and Dr Peiman Hosseini for the world’s first ultra-thin, flexible display technology, based on phase change materials (PCM).

Phase change materials such as Ge2Sb2Te5 (GST) can reversibly switch between two solid states, amorphous and crystalline, in response to an electrically or optically induced stimulus. This switching is always associated with a change in the physical properties of the material (such as the refractive index). PCM have already played a key role in enabling data storage on inexpensive plastic substrates using optical pulses (e.g. CV, DVD, Blu-Ray).

Prof Bhaskaran has demonstrated the key technology for ultra-high resolution displays using a 7nm thin film of phase change materials. This was the subject of a recent publication (Nature 511,206–211(10 July 2014)) and several patent applications. It is the first and only reported display device that utilizes the combination of both optical and electronic property modulation in PCMs.   (Also see publication news item in July 2014)

Professors Warner, Benjamin and Guistino

30th October 2014

Recognition of Distinction Awards

Congratulations to Simon Benjamin, Feliciano Giustino and Jamie Warner who have been awarded the title of Professor in the recent Recognition of Distinction exercise for their outstanding contributions to research and teaching in the university.

Takashi Lawson Prize Award

23rd October 2014

Johnson Matthey Prize 2014

The prize for best performance in Prelims Examiniations in 2014 was presented to Takashi Lawson by Dr Mark Copley of Johnson Matthey at an industrial seminar on Thursday 23rd October.

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