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Peiman Hosseini

Peiman Hosseini selected for RAEng entrepreneur training

Dr Peiman Hosseini in the Nanoscale Engineering group was one of four people selected for intensive entrepreneur training by the RAEng (RAEng ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs' Award) and awarded £2000.

"Wearable technologies are making a big impact in society – beginning to blur the boundary between human and machine. This market is set to be worth $12.6 billion by 2018. The next generation of lightweight, high performance machines will rely on technologies that are capable of bringing the user as close to a device as possible. Dr Hosseini has created the first reported nano-display device that uses both optical and electronic property modulation in Phase Change Materials. An entirely new class of ultra-thin, ultra-high resolution displays with nanosecond access speed and no power consumption in static mode is now under development by his team. This revolutionary display will initially target the rapidly growing microdisplay market compact, projection-based displays used in emerging near-eye applications like Google Glass. The first prototypes are currently under development, with a small working device set to be ready within the next 12 months."